SRNO Pending Year Applicant ID Agency Unit Location Office Name Applicant Name Father / Husband Name Aadhaar No Contact No Gender Social Category Total Project Cost MM Involve Forwarding Date to Bank Financing Branch Update Date Bank IFS Code MM Claimed in Corp. Bank Portal Financing Branch Transient Ac No. Disbursement Reference No Payment Status Disbursement Date Remarks on Payment Bank Name
1 2016 - 17 KBHY224-4622 KVIB Rural Haryana SUKHWINDER SINGH RAMESH CHAND M SC 500000 175000 29-JUN-2016 JAGADHARI WORKSHOP 28-MAR-2017:06:03:20 CNRB0005057 175000 209272434 06332017460656 FAILED 31-MAR-2017 SUCCESS BUT RETURN - ANY OTHER REASONS CANARA BANK
2 2015 - 16 KVHY21-4277 KVIC Rural Haryana RAVINDER KUMAR RAGHAVEER SINGH 4601 8053096613 M OBC 960000 336000 22-DEC-2015 NARNAUL 13-SEP-2016:12:09:23 CBIN0281171 336000 59021011716 06332016205075 FAILED 01-NOV-2016 REJ BY DEST - SHOULD NOT BE RELEASED AS PER STATE OFFICE CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA