SRNO Pending Year Applicant ID Agency Unit Location Office Name Applicant Name Father / Husband Name Aadhaar No Contact No Gender Social Category Total Project Cost MM Involve Forwarding Date to Bank Financing Branch Update Date Bank IFS Code MM Claimed in Corp. Bank Portal Financing Branch Transient Ac No. Disbursement Reference No Payment Status Disbursement Date Remarks on Payment Bank Name
1 2015 - 16 DIMP266-90788 DIC Rural Madhya Pradesh SURESH SANI RAMESHWAR PRASAD SANI 9424450168 M OBC 1000000 350000 18-NOV-2015 MACRONIA, SAGAR 10-JAN-2017:01:01:33 BARB0SAGMAC 250000 2453001518219 06332017424349 FAILED 08-MAR-2017 REJ BY DEST - ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST BANK OF BARODA