Bank Name:


SRNO Pending Year Applicant ID Agency Unit Location Office Name Applicant Name Father / Husband Name Aadhaar No Contact No Gender Social Category Total Project Cost MM Involve Forwarding Date to Bank Financing Branch Update Date Etracking IFS Code (Current Update) Bank IFS Code (NEFT) MM Claimed in Corp. Bank Portal Financing Branch Transient Ac No. Disbursement Reference No Payment Status Disbursement Date Remarks on Payment Bank Name
1 2013 - 14 DIHP254-4104 DIC Rural Himachal Pradesh RAMA KANWAR W/O PYAR SINGH F GEN 200000 70000 20-JAN-2014 SOLAN 28-SEP-2017:01:09:49 SBIN0006401 SBIN0006401 70000 33549554564 06332017659402 FAILED 30-OCT-2017 REJ BY DEST - ACCOUNT CLOSED STATE BANK OF INDIA
2 2015 - 16 KBGJ138-4492 KVIB Rural Gujarat RATHVA RAMJIBHAI METRIYABHAI M ST 300000 105000 02-MAY-2015 PANVAD 08-JUN-2015:07:06:57 SBIN0003892 SBIN0003892 105000 98533038928 06332017659426 FAILED 30-OCT-2017 REJ BY DEST - ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST STATE BANK OF INDIA
3 2015 - 16 EKBCG251-127990 KVIB Rural Chhattisgarh ASHWANI SAHU TIRATH RAM SAHU 371327826116 7354206419 M OBC 200000 70000 16-NOV-2015 CHHURA 25-OCT-2017:01:10:00 SBIN0005771 SBIN0005771 70000 3583479115 06332017658879 FAILED 27-OCT-2017 REJ BY DEST - ACCOUNT DOES NOT EXIST STATE BANK OF INDIA
4 2015 - 16 KBRJ1585-83 KVIB Rural Rajasthan BANWARI LAL NAI MANGA RAM NAI 824940523397 9672195185 M OBC 1000000 350000 14-OCT-2015 JHUNJHUNU 17-OCT-2016:02:10:19 SBIN0006098 PUNB0024400 350000 98751068987 06332016188279 FAILED 01-OCT-2016 SUCCESS BUT RETURN - LOAN ALREADY DISB AS PER BANK CONF RS. 140000 PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK