Bank Name:


SRNO Pending Year Applicant ID Agency Unit Location Office Name Applicant Name Father / Husband Name Aadhaar No Contact No Gender Social Category Total Project Cost MM Involve Forwarding Date to Bank Financing Branch Update Date Etracking IFS Code (Current Update) Bank IFS Code (NEFT) MM Claimed in Corp. Bank Portal Financing Branch Transient Ac No. Disbursement Reference No Payment Status Disbursement Date Remarks on Payment Bank Name
1 2015 - 16 KBTN154-7882 KVIB Rural Tamil Nadu S. MUTHU JESAN P. SELVAPANDI 9443370098 M OBC 2492000 872200 13-NOV-2015 AMBASAMUDRAM 22-AUG-2016:03:08:14 TMBL0000423 TMBL0000423 614875 040430250803140 06332016183648 SUCCESS - CR TO CUST 21-SEP-2016 TAMILNAD MERCANTILE BANK LIMITED
2 2015 - 16 KVTN37-56301 KVIC Rural Tamil Nadu P.KUMAR PALANISAMY M OBC 2361000 826350 24-NOV-2015 PALLADAM 07-SEP-2016:04:09:55 TMBL0000408 TMBL0000408 798718 408430250803140 06332016167041 SUCCESS - BANK API SUCC 08-SEP-2016 TAMILNAD MERCANTILE BANK LIMITED
3 2015 - 16 KBTN154-7924 KVIB Rural Tamil Nadu M.R. VISHNU SANKAR S/O M.A. RAMAKRISHNA RAJA 8675208193 M GEN 500000 125000 09-MAR-2016 AMBASAMUDRAM 24-AUG-2016:11:08:18 TMBL0000423 TMBL0000423 125000 423430250803140 06332016162905 SUCCESS - BANK API SUCC 03-SEP-2016 TAMILNAD MERCANTILE BANK LIMITED