Bank Name:


SRNO Pending Year Applicant ID Agency Unit Location Office Name Applicant Name Father / Husband Name Aadhaar No Contact No Gender Social Category Total Project Cost MM Involve Forwarding Date to Bank Financing Branch Update Date Etracking IFS Code (Current Update) Bank IFS Code (NEFT) MM Claimed in Corp. Bank Portal Financing Branch Transient Ac No. Disbursement Reference No Payment Status Disbursement Date Remarks on Payment Bank Name
1 2015 - 16 KBKL142-36009 KVIB Rural Kerala ROBIN JOHNSON JOHN T 9946677240 M OBC 600000 210000 01-AUG-2015 CHITTUMALA 23-NOV-2017:05:11:22 DLXB0000104 DLXB0000104 110526 010417700000011 06332017711904 SUCCESS - BANK API SUCC 14-DEC-2017 THE DHANALAKSHMI BANK LTD
2 2015 - 16 KBTN154-8061 KVIB Rural Tamil Nadu D. RAJESH DURAIRAJ M SC 1000000 350000 09-SEP-2015 K V KUPPAM 26-OCT-2016:03:10:35 DLXB0000089 DLXB0000089 350000 008917700000113 06332016225584 SUCCESS - CR TO CUST 24-NOV-2016 THE DHANALAKSHMI BANK LTD
3 2015 - 16 KVKL23-169883 KVIC Rural Kerala SHINY ATLY W/O.ATLY JOSE 500211667034 8157954547 F MN 750000 262500 16-FEB-2016 PARAPPUR 07-SEP-2016:01:09:59 DLXB0000030 DLXB0000030 175000 003017700000012 06332016188283 SUCCESS - CR TO CUST 01-OCT-2016 THE DHANALAKSHMI BANK LTD
4 2015 - 16 KBTN154-7880 KVIB Rural Tamil Nadu S. RAJKUMAR S/O P. SAMBATH M OBC 1000000 350000 09-SEP-2015 K V KUPPAM 19-SEP-2016:11:09:06 DLXB0000089 DLXB0000089 349500 008917700000113 06332016184371 SUCCESS - CR TO CUST 23-SEP-2016 THE DHANALAKSHMI BANK LTD