The prospective Khadi Institutions can file the application online for registering their institution and issuance of Khadi Certificate. The online application can be accessed through KVIC website www.kvic.org.in or www.kviconline.gov.in and click on “Khadi Institutions Registration Sewa ” listed at Sr. No. 16.


The online application available at KVIC website need to be filled up carefully by the prospective Khadi Institutions intends to register themselves and to get the Khadi Certificate from the KVIC. After filling up of all the details, the application can be saved before it is submitted. Username and password will be sent to their registered mobile number and email Id for re-login in to the system for uploading the documents and final submission. A unique ID for registration of the prospective Khadi Institutions shall be generated by the system and sent to their registered mobile number and email ID for future references. An acknowledgement letter will also be generated and will be sent to the registered email ID. The acknowledgement letter can also be downloaded by the applicant for their record.


3.1 Should be registered under the Co-op.Society/Trust/Regd.Institution/Partinership Firm and company's ( Annual turnover not exceeding Rs.50.00 Crores)/Individual/Proprietor/Person fullfilling the norms for taking up Khadi ActivitiesAny other under prevailing Act.

3.2 Should have common work shed /building having adequate space for carrying out spinning and weaving activities.

3.3 Should have Minimum 25 Charkhas and 5 looms to start the Khadi activities.

3.4 Should furnish the list of 25 spinners, 5 weavers and 2 supervisors as per the format given at Annexure 1.

3.5 Should furnish the Undertaking in the prescribed format specified at Annexure-2 , duly notorized on the non-judicial Stamp paper of Rs. 100/-.

3.6 The Institutions already having adequate infrastructure as required by KVIC and already carrying out spinning and weaving activities on their own, without any registration/ affilation under KVIC/KVIB are also eligible to apply for registration.

3.7. For Hilly and Boarder, Naxallite/ Insurgent affected regions, Jammu and Kashmir and North East Zones the eligibility criteria for registaration of tNew Khadi Institutions shall be 10 Charkhas and 2 Looms instead of 25 Charkhas and 5 Looms.

3.8 The earning of artisans equiavlent to semi-skilled workers as prescribed by the State concered are to be ensured.

3.9 Copies of documents such as bye-laws /memorandum of associaltion etc. are to be handed over to the State/Divisional office of KVI obtainining an acknowledgement.


Once the prospective institution filled online application duly completed with all the requirements, the concerned State / Divisional Offices of KVIC shall scrutinize and examine the proposal and will also conduct the physical verification of the institution within 28 working days. After the verification of all requisite conditions by the institution for registration the State /Divisional Offices will recommend the proposal to Director Khadi Certification under Intimation to Zonal Dy. CEO

The Directorate of Khadi Cerification, KVIC, Mumbai will process the CoR and take a decission accordingly for issuing the Khadi Certificate, preferably within 15 working days. After approval. After approval, a Certificate of Registration (CoR) will be generated online which can be downloaded by the applicant Institution.


5.1.1 Copy of the Registration Certificate under the Society Act/ Trust Act/ /Firm and company Act and or under any other prevailing Act as the case may be.

5.1.2 Copy of the Resolution of the institution/firm etc. as the case may be for registration with KVIC.

5.1.3 Copy of self attested by laws of the Institution or Memorandum of Association etc. ( to be submitted to State/ Divisional office of KVIC).

5.1.4 List of current Managing committee/Trusties/Directors/Partners as the case may be.

5.1.5 Information and undertaking as mentioned at Annnexure-1 and Annexure-2.

5.2 Renewal of Existing Certificate.

5.2.1 Copy of the registration certificate under the society act / Trust Act /Firm and company's and or under other prevailing Act. As the case may be.

5.2.2 Copy of the existing Khadi Certificate.

5.2.3 List of current Managing committee members/ Trusties/Direct6ors/ Partiners as the case may be.


Turnover Registration Fee ( in Rs.)
Fee for Registration of Khadi Certificate Rs.10,000 ( for1 Year)
Renewal Fee For 5 Year  
Turn Over Registration Fee ( in Rs.)
Above Rs.50.00 Lakh Rs.30,000
Upto Rs.50.00 Lakh Rs. 8,000

Registration of Khadi Certificate is initially for one year. It is renewable for block of five years.

The Prospective Khadi Institution intends to register and get the Khadi Certificate from KVIC,

should remit the non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 10,000/-(Rupees Ten Thousands only)

The Registration fee will be accepted through RTGS in the A/c no.30693240188,

state \bank of India , Ville Parle (W) Branch ,IFS code SBIN0000515.

The fee can also be paid by way of demand Draft on a Natoinalised bankin favour of the

''Chief Executive Officer,KVIC"''payable at Mumbai.

The registration process will starts only after receiving the registration fee.

7. Special Note

The new Khadi institutions will perform as self-supportive enterprises and KVIC, other than Registration and Marketing support,

will not provide any mode of assistance to these new institution. However it can obtain support under PMEGPScheme

The institution receive/desirous of receiving financial assistance from KVIC/central Govt./KVIB/State Govt. scheme have to follow the specific scheme guideline


9. Download Guideline