All India Professional Training Associates Online Application Status Report


    • Having experience in imparting Skill Development Training and empaneled with State/Central Government, Government Agencies/Organizations as professional training associates.
    • KVIC’s Institutions having experience in imparting Skill Development Training.
    • KVIC’s Accredited Training Centres.
    • Training Provider/Partner of various Ministries like NIESBUD, IIE, NIMSME etc.


  • The State/Divisional Director on receipt of the application from the Principal of the Training Centre will accord approval to the applicant as “Professional Training Associates” in the states where there is Training Centre functioning under purview of KVIC. And in case of the states where there is no Training Centre under the purview of KVIC, the concerned State/Divisional Director will accord approval to the applicant as “Professional Training Associates”. Once the approval is accorded, the name of “Professional Training Associates” will be posted on KVIC’s website. State/Divisional Director will issue the Authorization letter to the “Professional Training Associates” (In prescribed format) and enter into an agreement with “Professional Training Associates” (In prescribed agreement format).
  • The validity of the Professional Training Associate will be for 3 years tenure and will be renewed every year based on the performance of the “Professional Training Associates”.
  • The Professional Training Associates can conduct the Training Courses/Programmes throughout the country as Professional Training Associates of KVIC, with prior intimation to the concerned Principal of the Training Centre/ State Director/Divisional Director.
  • Professional training associates, will remit minimum 10% of total revenue to KVIC in case the Training Courses/Programmes are conducted by utilizing the infrastructure and facilities available with “Professional Training Associates” or at any other place.
  • Whereas, in case if the infrastructure of existing KVIC’s Training Centres/Khadi Institutions is utilized for organizing the Training Courses/Programmes, then the “Professional Training Associates” will remit minimum 20% of total revenue to KVIC’s Training Centres.