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  Light Engineering Projects 

1.    Chain Link Fencing Unit (Rs.9.75 lakhs)

2.    File Fastners (Rs.13.8 lakhs)

3.    Paper Pin, Gem Clip, Staple Pin (Rs.21.15)

4.    Wood Screws & Rivets (Rs.24.20)

  Agro & Food Processing Projects 

1.    Wheat Flour Mill (Rs.22.70 lakhs)

2.    Ginger Garlic Paste (Rs.6.3 lakhs)

3.    Ice Cream Cone (Rs.5.85 lakhs)

4.    Fruit Jam/Jelly (Rs.21.50 lakhs)

5.    Noodles (Rs.14.89 lakhs)

6.    Papad (Rs.6.05 lakhs)

7.    Soya Milk (Rs.11.60 lakhs)

8.    Spice Grinding (Rs.13.70 lakhs)

  Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Projects   

1.    Laundry Soaps (Rs.20.60 lakhs)

  Auto components Projects 

1.    Automobile Gun Metal Bushes (Rs.15.5 lakhs)

  Knitwear and Garments Projects 

1.    Elastic Tape (Rs.21.5 lakhs)

  Plastic & Rubber Projects 

1.    Hawai Chappal (Rs.24.70 lakhs)

2.    Spectacles Frames (Rs.9.81 lakhs)

  Leather and Footwear Projects 

1.    Leather Shopping Bags (Rs.12.04 lakhs)

2.    Leather Purses & Hand Bags (Rs.15.00 lakhs)

3.    Leather Belt (Rs.15.5 lakhs)

4.    Wrist Watch Straps (Leather) (Rs.17.5 lakhs)

  Paper and Paper Projects 

1.    Paper Cups & Saucers (Rs.5.03 lakhs)

  Miscellaneous Projects 

1.    Chalk Crayons (Rs.9.25 lakhs)

2.    Hollow Bricks (Rs.24.40 lakhs)

3.    School Bag (Canvas) (Rs.11.55 lakhs)

  North-East (Hilly Areas)

1.    Noodles (Rs.14.89 lakhs)

2.    Wheat Flour Mill (Rs.22.70 lakhs)

3.    Spice Grinding & Packing (Rs.13.70 lakhs)

4.    Crayons (Rs.9.25 lakhs)

5.    School Bag (Rs.11.55 lakhs)

6.    Leather Purses & Hand Bags (Rs.15.00 lakhs)

7.    Wooden Screw and Rivets (Rs.24.20 lakhs)

8.    Paper Pin, Gem Clip, Staple Pin (Rs.21.15 lakhs)

  Special Projects for Women Entrepreneur 

1.    Fruit Jam/Jelly (Rs.21.50 lakhs)

2.    Noodles (Rs.14.89 lakhs)

3.    Papad (Rs.6.05 lakhs)

4.    Spice Grinding & Packing (Rs.13.70 lakhs)

5.    Elastic Tape (Rs.21.5 lakhs)

6.    Chalk / Crayons (Rs.9.25 lakhs)

7.    School Bag (Rs.11.55 lakhs)

8.    Purses & Hand Bags (Rs.15.00 lakhs)