(1) Aadhaar Card No:
(2) Name of Applicant:* (Name as Per Aadhaar Card)
(3) Sponsoring Agency*:
(4) State*:
(5) District*:
(6) Sponsoring Office*: To get Office Select Agency, State and District
(7) Legal Type* INDIVIDUAL
(8) Gender:*
(9) Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy) :* Age:
(10) Social Category : *
Special Category (if any):
(11) Qualification:*
(12) Communication Address: *
  Mobile No:*: (1) (2)
(13) Unit Location
(14) Proposed Unit Address :
(15) Type of Activity : *
(16) Industry / Activity Name :
  Product Description:
(17) EDP Training Undergone:*
(18) EDP Training Instn. Name
(19) Project Cost : Capital Expenditure Working Capital Total Employment
(20) 1st Financing Bank*:
  IFS/Bank Code*:
  Branch Name*:
(21) Alternate Financing Bank Name
(21) 2nd Financing Branch IFS Code
I hereby declare that information given above is true to the best of my knowledge. Any information to be found incorrect /false / wrong , I shall be liable for suitable Action.

Guidelines for Filling the Online PMEGP Application

(1) Aadhaar Number : 12 digit Aadhar number of the applicant should be filled in.
(2) Name of Applicant : (i) Select prefix of name from the list, (ii) The applicant should fill his/her name exactly as it appears in the Aadhaar Card. In case of any mismatch in the name entered, the applicant will not be able to fill the form further.

Sponsoring Agency : Select Agency (KVIC, KVIB, DIC) in which you want to submit the application form.

(4) State : Select State from the list.
(5) District : Select District from the list
(6) Sponsoring Office : Select Office from the list
(7) Legal Type :This Form is pertaining to Individual Applicant.
(8) Gender : Select Gender (i.e. Male, Female, Transgender)
(9) Date of Birth : (i) Date of Birth must be fill in the format of (DD-MM-YYYY) e.g. 15-12-1991. (ii) Age : Age should not less than 18 years. As soon as Date of Birth is entered the age will calculate dynamically.

Social Category : Select Social Category of the applicant from the list (i.e. General, Other Backward Caste, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Minority)

Special Category : Select Special Category from the list (i.e. Ex-serviceman, Physically Challenged, Hill Border Area, North East Area)

11) Qualification : Select qualification from the list (i.e. 8th Pass, Under 8th, 10th Pass, 12th Pass, Graduate, Post Graduate, PHD, Diploma)
(12) Address for Communication: The Applicant should fill the complete postal address of the applicant including State, District, Pin Code, Mobile No., Email and PAN No.
(13) Unit Location : Select Unit Location (i.e. Rural OR Urban)
(14) Proposed Unit Address : The Applicant should fill the complete Unit address of the unit including Taluka, District, Pin Code (If Unit Address is same as Communication Address then click on communication Address to Unit Address)
(15) Type of Activity : Select from the activity list (i.e. Service or Manufacturing)
(16) Name of the Activity : (i) Industry : Select Industry from the List of Industry (ii) Product Description : Type the specific product description.
(17) Whether EDP Training Undergone : Select Yes Or No from the List .
(18) Training Institute's Name : If EDP Training Undergone YES, enter Training Institute Name in detail.
(19) Loan Required : (i) Capital Expenditure : Enter CE loan as proposed in the DPR in rupees. (ii) Working Capital : Enter WC loan as proposed in the DPR in rupees. (iii) Total Loan : The total loan will be calculated by the system automatically.
(20) Bank Details : (i) Enter IFSC code (ii) if IFSC code is not known then click on GET IFSC CODE button and select correct IFSC Code of Financing Bank. (iii) Enter optional Bank IFSC code .
(21) 2nd Financial Bank : Enter IFS Code of the 2nd Financing Branch which is optional
  After entering all necessary information in the appropriate field Click On "Save Applicant Data" button to Save the Details.
-> After "Save Applicant Data" , you need to Upload documents for final submission of application.
-> After Final Submission of Application , Applicant ID and password will be sent to your registered Mobile No.